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    Henderson BrineXtreme Ultimate

    The BrineXtreme Ultimate. Through the use of automation and intelligent software, we’ve simplified the seemingly impossible. With the BrineXtreme Ultimate, you’ll be producing and blending professional grade salt brine at the touch of a button.

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    Henderson BrineXtreme Pro

    The BrineXtreme Pro. It’s the perfect brine maker for those needing a pure workhorse without all the extras. This self contained unit offers: true plug and play installation, continuous brine production and simple start and stop operation.

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    Henderson BrineXtreme Ultimate Mobile Unit

    The BrineXtreme Ultimate – Mobile Unit. Recognizing this issue, Henderson has developed a solution that allows you to take the show on the road. The BrineXtreme Ultimate – Mobile Unit is the first of its kind. If you have access to rock salt, electricity and a fresh water supply at satellite locations, you can make professional grade salt brine on the spot. The mobile unit also allows neighboring towns, cities and counties to share a single brine making system.

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    Henderson BrineXtreme Truck Fill Pro

    The BrineXtreme Truck Fill Pro. Developed as a companion product for the BrineXtreme Pro and Ultimate Mobile systems, this modular design gives you full control and complete’s your brine making experience.