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    Galfab – Wastebuilt Winamac compactors, containers and self-dumping hoppers

    Waste equipment comes in all sizes, styles, and shapes, each to perform a particular function or task. Galfab has been designing, manufacturing and selling waste equipment for nearly seventy years. Each product continues to be made with the quality and integrity of the Galfab reputation.

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    Perkins Satellite with Shovel

    This singular satellite incorporates a shovel at the back for various uses. Dead animals, dry leaves or objects that a regular sweeper won’t pick up can be easier removed from the streets. The shovel can be removed to add a lifter attachment (sold separately) to pick up standard waste carts. Two bar or Euro style from 80 to 1100 litters.

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    Perkins Satellite Scooper

    The Perkins SAT Scoop Collector features and easy to access scooper bin. Heavy duty construction, quality performance flexible for all routes. The hydraulic hard top lid an be easily opened which allows for the scoop to dump its contents into the SAT body. When ready the body can be dumped into a standard reloader or compactor. Collection made simple!

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    Perkins Satellite Lifter Systems

    Mount a Perkins Satellite Lifter System to the rear bed of any standard 8′ pick-up truck and you have yourself a powerful tool for collecting refuse where a typical garbage truck cannot go. Areas including rough terrain, small alleys, remote locations, beaches, parks, and other areas having limited or resbieted access. Available in a variety of configurations to fit eny of your needs.

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    Petersen HL-3

    The model HL-3 is a loader and body that can be used on a hooklift truck.  Adds new capabilities to your truck without having to dedicate it full-time.  Minimum rail length of 19 ft.

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    Petersen PL-3

    The PL-3 is a loader and body that we plumb to fit your existing roll-off. Adds capabilities to your fleet without having to dedicate a truck full-time.

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    Petersen BL-3

    The model BL-3 is a 20 ft. knuckleboom loader that is permanently mounted in front of a roll-off.  You can use your existing roll-off boxes with this system.

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    Petersen SL-3

    Petersen’s Stationary Lightning Loaders have been used at sand mine weigh stations since the 1960’s.

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    Petersen RL-3

    The rear-mounted RL-3 is designed for loading into attached trailers or into separate haul trucks.

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    Petersen DL-3

    The DL-3 is specially engineered for high volume collection. It’s available in our two largest body sizes. With fewer trips to the landfill, you get the job done quicker.

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    Petersen RS-3

    It only takes one man to drive, lift, and load 7,000 lbs., and he never has to leave the climate-controlled cab. The maneuverable RS-3 is a rare breed, letting you get the job done faster and safer.

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    Petersen CP3

    The CP-3 lifts and hauls containers, letting you get the job done quicker with no trailer required. Minimize the headache and downtime that come with hooking up, loading, hauling, and backing a trailer.