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    Labrie Expert

    Labrie™ is the leader in the drop frame side loader market. The Expert is one of the most versatile waste collection vehicles available in the industry today. We have been performing our own factory drop frame modifications since 1984.

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    Labrie Automizer

    The Automizer™ Right-Hand side loader features a strong, light-weight body with a reliable loading arm that can reach farther than any other automated side loader.

    Parked cars and other obstacles are no longer an obstacle with an arm that can reach 12-feet and lift up to 1,000 pounds fully extended.
    Thanks to carefully engineered hydraulics, this arm maneuvers both smoothly and with exacting precision.

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    Labrie Automizer Full Eject

    The Automizer™ Right-Hand sideloader is the perfect solution for customers who want a strong, lightweight ASL that has the ability to dump inside low ceiling transfer stations, or that just feels more comfortable to operate on soft landfill terrain.

    Packing the same benefits than the standard Automizer Right Hand, the Full Eject features a seamless body floor and a hopper floor design that eliminates the need of packer rails and guides. on.

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    Labrie Top Select

    The Top Select™ is a recycling unit built for manual and semi-automated collection of residential recyclable material. It is the most sold unit in-its-class in North America with over 3,000 vehicles in operation today.

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    Labrie Leach 2R-III

    Meet the truck that more operators demand over any other rear loader in the industry. With its standard 3.5 yd3 hopper, 5.5”packer/carrier operating cylinders, and class-leading 22-second packing cycle, it’s no wonder the Leach™ 2R Series is labeled as the most efficient rear-load collection tool on the road today.

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    Labrie Wittke Starlight & Superduty

    The Wittke™ Starlight is known for its agility. Its low body weight maximizes the legal payload capacity and its fast lifting cycle ensures rapid loading on the route. The Starlight tackles both residential and commercial routes with ease and with its low body weight, you will be able to collect more material, providing the highest legal payload ever on each collection.

    The Wittke™ Superduty is as rugged as they get. The 100% Hardox steel body delivers ultimate strength at the lowest possible body weight. The Wittke Superduty is the toughest of all front loaders; engineered to require nominal maintenance and providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

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    Labrie Minimax

    Throughout our history we have proven our reputation as both an innovator and an industry leader in bringing optimal collection solutions to our customers while delivering the maximum value for every dollar spent. With this in mind, we started considering solutions for short routes, missed pick ups, parks and recreation, airports, university campuses and all the other places where a nimble and maneuverable smaller truck just makes more sense.

    The Minimax™ is the Answer

    Completely redesigned and built tougher, this truck is the ideal solution for optimizing your route efficiency and reducing costs.

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    Labrie Alleygator Zero

    The Alleygator Zero represents the culmination of decades of innovation in waste collection technology.The patented zero radius arm and pendulum packer coupled with advanced hydraulic controls contribute to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for any product in its class.

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    Labrie Alleygator AGR

    Commercial and curbside organic waste collection is a growing reality throughout the country. Whether your business is collection in a big city or a small municipality, the goals remain the same: Reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfills along with the greenhouse gas emissions they produce; Increase diversion rate; Become economically and environmentally sustainable.

    The renowned Labrie Right-Hand arm will deliver the smoothness, the precision and the speed you expect from an automated arm. Parked cars and other obstacles will no longer be a hassle with its 12-foot reach and 1,000 pound lifting capacity. The result: a productive, safe, and easy to maintain truck fitted perfectly for organics collection!

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    Labrie Predator

    The Predator combines the strength of an Impac with a vacuum collection system for leaves and light debris. This year-round multi-purpose trash and refuse collector is unmatched in its versatility. The super-hardened AS (Abrasive Resistant) steel mulching blades chop small branches, leaves, and grass cuttings, wet or dry, into minute pieces allowing for greater load compaction.

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    Labrie Organics

    The PCO-cv bears all of the great features and benefits of our Wittke™ front loader.

    Built fast and tough; with its smooth lifting arm operation, quick cycle times and auto-latch tailgate, coupled with the following key features makes it the perfect solution for commercial organics collection.

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    Ampliroll-Marrel AL100 to 160 – 20,000 to 60,000 LBS

    Do you have trucks that are not always being used?
    Do you have a difficult time finding quality drivers?
    Is there a piece of equipment you could use,
    but can’t justify adding another truck?
    It’s Multi-tasking for your truck.
    The possibilities are Infinite.
    With an Ampliroll® you can do just about anything.

    Deliver – Load – Dump